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by Adam S. Eterovich

Novosel, Novoselic and Novoselec in Croatian means immigrant or settler.
The Novosel Clan is found all over Croatia in great numbers with the majority from Banicevac, Brajak Brdo, Busetina, Cerje, Gorgnja Rijeka, Imbrovec, Karlovac, Markusevec Gornji, Orehova Gorica, Podgora, Podraje, Pustodol, Sica, Slavetic, Trnovec and Zagreb.
Arms were granted to Luka Novosel by Maria Theresia on Sept. 12, 1744 at Vienna and the original is at the Croatian Archives in Zagreb. Nikola Novaselc-Novoselc Arms were recorded in 1477 and are in the Croatian Archives.
Horizontal lines are blue, left slanted lines, green; dots, gold; verticle lines, red; white, silver.
We have an American Novosel with a Medal of Honor. The Turk's head probably signifies valor in battle against the Turks on the Croatian frontier.
Courtesy of the Croatian Genealogical and Heraldic Society, 2527 San Carlos Ave., San Carlos, California, 94070.
Phone: 650-592-1190; E-Mail croatians@aol.com; Web www.croatians.com. Adam S. Eterovich.

Here are some of our latest visitors (as of January 2nd 2012):

I am located in Belgrade Serbia (ex Yugoslavia). My family originates in Montenegro, where it led highlanders life, until some dispute with Turcs (at that time under Otoman Empire) in XVI century, when it was forced to migrate to northern Serbia, near Serbian medieval capitol Ras. From that time comes family name Novosel, after ancestor Novo , or according to another version because we were new-villagers (novo-selaci, respective), albeit Novosel. Prior to that we were Radovich. There is also another family line of Novosel's in neighbouring Croatia, famous basketball coatch Mirko Novosel is, I believe, from this family line. I dont't mind being listed. I stumbled upon the site, and decided to check in. Best regards, Vladimir Novosel.

I’m Marijo Novosel from Croatia, and I was checking domain novosel.com, so I stumbled at Your page!

My name is Scott Novosel. My dad is the author John Novosel. My great grandfather moved to Strawberry Hill in Kansas City, Kansas in the early 1900's. I was just checking to see if there is any relation. Thanks! Scott

))) I'm Novoselov Alex,nickname - Novosel )))

Just emailing to ask what the purpose is of your website.. - Josh Novosel

Hi my name is Rick Novosel. Can I join?

Hello Paul, me and my familiy are located in small city Samobor, near Croatia’s capital Zagreb. It’s small country on Adriatic sea, near Italy. Sure it would be nice to be listed on your site. Do you know anything about your ancestors? I’m pretty sure that they’re from here also. Did anybody else contacted you? Regards, Marijo Novosel

Hi, I'm from Prague(but I'm russian). You have a nice project - to collect all Novosels :) I want to meet other Novosels. We can do some meetings! Where are you from? Can I help you with your project? Yes, I want to be listed, of course. Novoselov Alex,nickname - Novosel

We are Novosel's from the Pgh area of PA. My husband's grandfather LAVRO (Lawrence) came over in the early 1900's from ZAGREB area. He and his brother first settled in the Steelton area of PA and then to the Braddock and Rankin area of Pgh. Nancy Novosel Butler, PA

Hi Rose, I just found your site and would like to know more. I live in Sydney, Australia, my country of origin is Croatia. best regards, Mario Novosel

Hello i was just surfing the internet and found this web site, it says novosel's only i was just wondering what its all about? Justin B Novosel

Paul A. Novosel

My name is Mark Novosel

Hi Rose, I am a Novosel and I am curious about your web page. Can you let me in? Barbara Novosel

SMART Technologies Lisa Novosel Training Services

Hi "Aunt Rose," Just found your web site and I'm curious. Since I am a Novosel, can I get access? My father is from Altoona, PA and his military service led us to California. Since we have such a rare last name, I almost think I must be related to almost every Novosel in America. All the best, Joe Novosel Vacaville, CA

Hi Paul, Sure, just let me know when you post the list. I'm in Vacaville, (Northern) California. It seems there are very few of us, so it makes you wonder how many degrees of separation there is between any of us. Where are you located and where is your family from? Joseph Paul Novosel

Hello, My name is Scott Russell. I was born Scott Novosel, the son of Barbara Jean Novosel of East Canton, Ohio. I'm researching my family tree and found this web site that looks like it might help in the research. Thank you, Scott

My great grandfather came over to America from Croatia. I know very little about my father’s side of the family. His name was John Francis Novosel. I am interested in making contact with any branch of the Novosel. I have no family. Judi

Hello, I am Marc Theodore Danial Novosel son of James M. Novosel and Florence K. Aloisio-Novosel I was born in Canton, Ohio in 1956 and had 1 older brother named James Leonard Matthew Novosel Born 1955 - 1984 (died of cancer). My Grandfather Matthew Novosel who was born in Croatia and came to the U.S. in the early 1900's and lived in East Canton, Ohio he married Stephanie Rehl-Novosel died in 1959 from heart problem due to advanced diabetes and had 6 children 2 girls that died at berth. James M. Novosel (my father), Josephine Novosel-Hartman with 3 sons Kevin, Craig and Roger, Mildred Novosel-Leatherberry with 2 children Steven and Stephanie, Barbra Novosel (died of cancer) with 1 son Scott Novosel-Russell. I now live in Fayetteville, North Carolina and would love to hear from any other family you can contact me at my email address mnovosel56@yahoo.com I would love to hear from you.

Hi Rose, My name is Lisa Novosel. I am a Novosel by marriage. I think we may be related to Nancy Novosel of Butler. My father-in-law is also from Rankin (Braddock area). It has also been said that my father-in-law played semi-pro basketball when he was younger. I wonder if there is some relation to the Novosel who is the coach in Croatia. Interesting web-site!! Lisa

P.S. The reason I am visiting your web site is because my son is doing a cultural research project for his 6th grade class. I have e-mailed all over the world but no one has bothered to e-mail back regarding anything. I really thought people were more proud of their heritage than that. Especially those who still live in the home countries! Lisa (you know the last name!)

Hi there Rose My name is Anna Novosel. I live in Cairns (Queensland - Australia). Most of my family are all in Adelaide or Coober Pedy - South Australia. Most of my family migrated to Australia from Croatia throughout the 1960's. Good luck with your site...

Hi from Sydney, Australia! Not sure what is happening here but if anyone would like to get in touch you can email me on mario@futurenow.com.au . I am at present visiting Anaheim CA and would like to get in touch with Novosels in US.

Hi, I'm James Novosel from Ohio. My great-grandfather, Matthew (Matya) Novosel, came to America from Croatia in 1914.

Hello, My name is Matthew Novosel from Louisville, OH. My father is James Novosel from East Canton, OH. My grandfather's name is Mathew Novosel. He came to Beaver Falls, PA. in 1914 from the village of Novaki near Jastrebarsko, Croatia. He moved around western PA. and eastern OH. and ended up in East Canton OH.

Rose, I stumbled across your website and I am intrigued. I would like to enter and check it out if not contribute to it. Thanks. Joseph R. Novosel

Hello, My grandfather was George Novosel. He lived in PA with his 7 brothers and sisters. His father's name was Pavel Novosel. Pavel emigrated from Austria in the early 1900s.

I was doing a search on my maiden name & found your site. I was from the Pittsburgh area & now live in Tx. Not sure if there is any relationship with your family or not. Rose

Hello! I am Kristijan. Me and my familiy are located in small village Gat, near Osijek. Sure it would be nice to be listed on your site.My grandfather (65)came with his family from Krapina (near Zagreb) to Marijanci(village) and after that to Gat!This page is very good!

My name is Chris Novosel. My Father is John Novosel. I am from Johnstown PA. I currently live in Virginia. My Great Grandparents were immigrants from Croatia. My brother Josh sent me the link to the site. I think its great finding all the Novosel’s across the World. My nickname growing up has always been Novi~

Hello!!! I'm glad to see message from you! It's very nice that you want to build the strong community of Novosels all over the world :) I suggest making some meeting of Novosels in some future in Europe! I'm living in Czech Republic. It'll be good to join some people in community :) Why not? :) Sincerelly yours, Alex NOVOSELov

I would like to join for listing my husband's family line. What is the procedure? Nancy Novosel

Than you for your reply. Right now we have no web page tree, I have been hesitant about that and the internet but I will give you information on the family after Memorial day when things settle down for us. Thank you again for your reply. I have checked Europe on the Novosels and find the sir name to be almost like the Smiths in the US. Nancy/John Novosel

My family and John's are down to nothing and we did not ask questions when we were younger but I started genealogy in 1991 and gathered a lot of information we did not know, that is the information in the US records. As for Europe we do not know of any relatives over there. How long have you been doing this research on Novosel's? Nancy/John Novosel

I conversed with a lot of genealogists like us searching and if I repeat things it is because I am tooooo lazy to look back in previous emails forgive me. I did most of my researching in the winter when there was no getting out to do other things although some of my friends an I went to DC one year and went to the archives. It was a nice trip but too much traffic and parking situations. But once was enough but nice. I did a lot of courthouse looking in the surrounding counties here taking an excursion day. It was fun, I went with another researcher so it was a nice outing, we had lunch too. I live in Butler, PA, where do you live? If you have a courthouse nearby you can obtain a lot of information on relatives there. In PA you cannot research births from 1906 until today, they are all stored in New Castle, PA and you have to send for those and pay a fee. In the 17 years I have been researching I think with considering all the copy charges, gasoline, motel in DC, I probably spent 5,000.00 dollars. But when you think of how much one spends on vacation or any travel it is gone when you reach home so I considered this my vacation and entertainment. costs. Well this is getting a little long so I will close this one for now. If you need any help in your research as to where to find some things let me know and if I have an answer I will be happy to give it to you. Nancy

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful family, God bless all of you. Marc Novosel from Fayetteville, NC

My name is Ed Novosel and my family is from Steelton, PA. My grandparents(Michael & Stephanija) immigrated to the US from Croatia in the early 1900's. Both had the last name of Novosel before marriage but they were not related by blood. I recently was informed that Ivan Novosel also immigrated to Steelton and that he was Stephanija's brother. This is were I have been stuck. Can you give me any leads from there? Ed Novosel and my family is from Steelton, PA

My maiden name is Novosel and I am searching for info on my grandfather Joso (Josif/Joseph) A. Novosel Sr. born in Samobor, Country of Austria, Kingdom of Hungary (now Croatia), on 4/22/1873. He arrived Ellis Island 4/4/1901. From there he went to Michigan, then ended up in Central Pennsylvania (Slona, then Bellefonte) where he died in 1945. I do not know any names of his brothers or sisters, if any, and if they migrated to the U.S. or where. On 2/13/1896 he married Anastasia (Tasa/Stasia) Fullier (Fullier/Fulir). She was born 5/10/1879 in Brasslu, Country of Austria, Kingdom of Hungary (now Croatia). I would be very excited to have oyu post this information and help me in finding relatives. I am traveling the Europe in a few weeks and plan a trip to Samobor to see what I can find. Many thanks. -- Holly Hanson

My name is Mandi Ewing, my great grand mother was Agnes Novosel, she came to America in 1903 and married Matt Bedic in 1904. They settled on a farm in Saltsburg,Pennsylvania where they raised 13 children *** Mandi Ewing Clarksburg, Pennsylvania

Hi, My name is Marilyn Urbanski, my mother's name was Margaret Novosel. I mother had me write down our lineage in the family Bible. My great grandfather was Yanko Novosel from Zagreb, Yugoslavia. His wife was Maea Stanisic. Thanks, Marilyn

Dear Rose, I made my tree too. My mother is Anka Novosel and she's from Orehova Gorica. She lived Yougoslavija Country in Christmas 1957. She's married with Mile Krpan (died 3 years ago) and they are gone in France where we lived now in Côte d'Azur in Nice. We have our family in Croatia and we are in contact with us. I'm very interesing of your family tree Novosel. Can you send me your tree and talk about your family. I know that in Orehova Gorica are 13 family of Novosel. And my mother have an oncle in Australia. We have family too in Canada and Germany. I'll be very enjoyed to write with you, I'm Irène. I wil wish you to be in contact.. Irène

Hello Rose , do you still maintain the site or who does? I am seeking some relatives from Zagreb which I will be visiting this September. Please let me know so I can post our story. Thanks Mark Novosel

Hello Paul & Rose, hope all is well with you , what part of the world are you located. The Info I need posted is for my Family Tree. My Grandfather arrived in New York in 1907, worked his way thru the lumber camps in New York at age 13. Stayed with a family of the Name of MIX (Tom Mix was his good friend--cowboy). They parted company when he moved to Pittsburg PA. There Married my Grandmother (Anna Millage) also from Croatia. SO we have 2 families we are trying to track. They both moved to Youngstown Ohio and raised a family. My Grandfather's Father Was Yanko Novosel and wife Mae Stanisic from Zagreb and my Grandmother Father was John Millage from Zagreb and Mother Barbara Ribic From Selo-Dolne some greats Joseph Ribic Zagreb and Anna Duralia in early 1800's. My name is Mark Novosel and I am located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Any Novosel's on vacation come see me or e-mail me . I buy and ship equipment worldwide. My e-mail is Warehousewizard1@aol.com anyone in Zagreb knowing of this family tree, please send me your info as we are planning a trip there next year. God Bless all. Thanks Mark Novosel

Hello Rose I am not sure how common the name Rose is in Croatia, but I had an Aunt Rose. I am Lorna Novosel, daughter of Nick Novosel (obviously Croatian) and Ann Feduck (Ukrainian). My father was born in Crowland, an area of Welland, Ontario, Canada. Crowland is undoubtedly a corruption of Croat-land because it was the home of many Croatians. I know nothing of my heritage. I cannot believe that I knew my father until I was 26 years old, (when he died at the age of 63) and there was no discussion about his heritage. I remember my mother learned how to cook what I considered disgusting food (pig's knuckles, or some such thing, in a jelly of fat - I think the name was LAD-IT-NAW). I do not speak a word of Croatian, but there used to be a gas station in Canada called FINA, and I remember my father said that meant 'nice' in Croatian. The problem was that English was the common language of my Canadian born Croatian and Ukrainian parents. My father and his four siblings are long gone. I have a tenuous piece of information that my father's family could run into the sea, which would have put them on the coast, but I cannot verify anything. I am not even sure how to pronounce my name. I grew up saying "Naw-vu-sul", but anyone who reads the name says "No-voe-cell". How do we say our name? With kindest regards, Lorna Novosel

My name is Antonio Novosel, and I was looking for my domain on interenet. I typed www.novosel.com and I was stumbled with this page. My grandgrandfather was in WW2, as chef :) I have a Youtube channel, so you can check my videos: Toniman32. Ty :) Antonio Novosel

hi there; im emrah nosel ( novosel) who was born in Shumen( Bulgaria) is one of the member of a huge family last name called Novosel. we all live in Turkey but we all knew we emigrated from Bulgaria. i was interested in with your website while i was travveling on internet couse my last name also called novosel. hope we have a realtion or a connetcion with your family. lots of greetings from Istanbul/Turkey emrah nosel ( novosel) who was born in Shumen( Bulgaria)

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